The Supreme Executive Committee Proudly Announces

the 2004 Winners of ...






The FPD 2004 award winners are as follows:


1.) The "Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce" Award for Most Fit-to-Eat Fish Product.  By this award, we are encouraging excellence in fish product preparation.

2004 Winner:  Dave Skelton, for his most delicious crawfish and corn soup (very similar to his 2001 newcomer-award-winning shrimp and corn soup).


2.) The Agreda/Lichtenstein Goldfish Award for Most Memorable Performance.  The reasons why someone might win this award are as far-flung as your imagination will take you.

2004 Winner:  John Franjione, the hands-down winner, for a grand entrance which electrified the entire 7th floor (fish-eaters and non-fish-eaters alike), as John came strolling down the 7th-floor hallway wearing an amazing, full-body shark costume.  It was shocking, and wonderful, and shockingly wonderful.  Just when FPD revelers thought they had seen it all, along came another first for Fish Products Day.  FPD 1990 had The Goldfish Incident – and now FPD 2004 had The Shark Incident.


3.) The Steve Janulis Fish Paste Award for Best Performance by a Newcomer.  This award is designed to encourage FPD participation by our newer employees - not limited to first-year employees, necessarily, but aimed more at high-quality FPD participation early in one's career.

2004 Winner:  Randy Gardner, attending his first FPD after transferring to Kingsport from Batesville, for his nearly best-of-show salmon chowder.


4.) The Humphrey Bass-o-Matic Award for Most Unique, Most Disgusting, or Most Uniquely Disgusting Fish Product.  Nuff said.

2004 Winner:  Cal Churn, strictly on the “unique” side of this award, for his colorful, creative, and artistic tuna wreath – a.k.a. “festive feta cheese/ smoked tuna wreath garnished with spinach leaves, dried cranberries, and red pepper”, where the spinach leaves on top served as the wreath’s greenery, and the red peppers were sliced and arranged so as to make a fashionable red bow.  A true feast for the eyes, as well as the taste buds.


5.) The “Wild-Card” Award.  This award is designed to recognize FPD participation which is deserving of recognition but which doesn’t quite fit into any of the other award categories.

2004 Winner:  Wayne Chastain, for his Mediterranean Fish Stew, which was a unique and flavorful crowd-pleaser.

And finally, some Honorable Mentions:

  • Julian Jensen, for his tasty (and shrimp-dense) shrimp bisque.  Julian’s record remains unbroken for bringing in gourmet-quality fish products year after year.
  • Marty Neal’s Mexican baked fish was also one of the day’s favorite dishes.
  • Beth Alderson gets the Nemo Award for her highly decorated (but, alas, non-fish-product-containing) FPD cake, the top of which featured cardboard Nemo & Friends cutouts and an icing Christmas tree decorated with fish-shaped sprinkles.
  • Also showing imagination (but, unfortunately, also not containing fish products) were the two entries by Bob Kline, which were:  1.) fish-shaped sugar cookies decorated with icing, with some of the icing spelling out “FPD 2004” and other FPD-related words and phrases; and,  2.) a carton of Ben & Jerry’s “Phish Food” ice cream, which, in addition to being billed as “Vermont’s Phinest”, also contains fish-shaped chocolate chunks.
  • Stan Scroggin gets the “FPD Spirit All Year Long Award” for wearing fish- and sea-related shirts to work almost every day of the year.  His fashion sense is an inspiration to us all.



Congratulations, one and all.  “Sea” you next year!