The Supreme Executive Committee Proudly Announces

the 2003 Winners of ...






The FPD 2003 award-winners are as follows:


1.) The "Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce" Award for Most Fit-to-Eat Fish Product.  By this award, we are encouraging excellence in fish product preparation.

2003 Co-Winners:  Suzy Jessee, for her scrumptious Oysters Rockefeller chowder;  and Wayne Chastain, for his excellent swordfish-and-vegetables skewers.

Honorable Mention:  Eric Ward, for his bacon-wrapped “scallops done right” (a previous award winner, so they were disqualified from the top award – but disqualified not because of any lack of fit-to-eatness).


2.) The Agreda/Lichtenstein Goldfish Award for Most Memorable Performance.  The reasons why someone might win this award are as far-flung as your imagination will take you.

2003 Winner:  John Franjione, for participation that included FPD’s first-ever haiku;  a recording of the classic and quite demented “Fish Heads” song;  and John’s FPD attire, which included a fish-themed, Hawaiian-style shirt, sandals, shorts, and a straw Panama hat.

Honorable Mention:  Patrice Riesenberg, for bringing her scumbria (whole, cold-smoked mackerel imported from Russia) and then filleting and skinning it (with purple HAZMAT-type gloves on!) right in front of the other FPD participants.


3.) The Steve Janulis Fish Paste Award for Best Performance by a Newcomer.  This award is designed to encourage FPD participation by our newer employees - not limited to first-year employees, necessarily, but aimed more at high-quality FPD participation early in one's career.

2003 Winner:  Kevin Heindselman, for his great work chairing and organizing the 7th-Floor Quote-of-the-Month and Quote-of-the-Year committee.

Honorable Mention:  Co-op student Han Chang, whose extent of FPD participation eclipsed that of all previous 7th-floor co-ops.


4.) The Humphrey Bass-o-Matic Award for Most Unique, Most Disgusting, or Most Uniquely Disgusting Fish Product.  Nuff said.

2003 Co-Winners:  Steve Humphrey, for sending formerly-frozen fish sticks to FPD via Priority Mail;  and Bob Huddleston, for his spur-of-the-moment, original, uniquely disgusting recipe for “hot curried tentacles”.


5.) The “Wild-Card” Award.  This award is designed to recognize FPD participation which is deserving of recognition but which doesn’t quite fit into any of the other award categories.

2003 Winner:  Cal Churn, for Most Artistically-Decorated Fish Product, for his “Louisiana Fish Loaf with Cream Cheese Anchovy Icing”, which was shaped, styled, and colored like a Christmas tree, with sliced olives serving as garland draped on the tree.  (The FPD Web site’s photo doesn’t do it justice.)

Honorable Mention:  Lisa Tencer, for her imaginative use of (and a new way to get rid of) school band fruit, by decorating oranges with eyes, fins, and tails to look like fish.



And finally, some special awards just for this year:


The FPD Fish-Shaped Oven Mitts go to native-Peruvian Maggie Maticorena for lending a special international flavor (literally!) to FPD with her ceviche (pronounced se-VEE-chay), which consisted of tilapia (a mild-flavored fish), shrimp, corn, onions, sweet potatoes, and peppers, all marinated in lime juice – a veritable dance party for the taste buds.


The “Excellence in a Supporting Role Award” goes to Rhonda Smith for supplying her husband Jeff and FPD 2003 with a fish-shaped drink huggie, fish-shaped and freshly-baked cornbread, smoked Chinook salmon and “trout eggs” (bubble gum balls) that she brought home from a trip to Oregon, and several new FPD room decorations – and for providing similar behind-the-scenes FPD support over a period of many years.


Steve Humphrey gets his name attached to the now Humphrey Bass-o-Matic Award, for his lengthy and well-documented record of questionable fish products and FPD performance art.  His Two-Day-Priority-Mailed fish sticks this year were one of the first fish products to be not even touched – in this case not because of how disgusting it was, but rather for fear of food poisoning.


The special “Bah Hum-Fish Award” (a.k.a. the Well-After-The-Fact-To-Make-Up-For-Earlier-Year-Oversights Award) goes to Casey Henry for his stellar but inexplicably undecorated FPD participation (including several excellent fish products) over the past few years.



Congratulations, one and all.  See you next year!