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It was a big turnout on December 10, 2004!

Click here for the 2004 Official Powerpoint  (It’s a new high in FPD funny.  2MB)

Also, see all the 2004 pictures!

Announcing the 2004 FPD Traveling Trophy Award Winners!


Special Events!

Thanks to Ryan Schad and John Calvert for teleconferencing with FPD!


Fish products day is all about reuniting the alumni of Process Engineering and friends (which includes all humans and fish), regardless of where you are. On this site, you will find complete coverage of FPD 2000, FPD 2001, FPD 2002, and FPD 2003 including items such as jokes, history, and especially pictures. See the links at left for the whole story.

Also, check out People REALLY on the move and send me corrections and updates.

Finally, believe it or not, the complete FPD History has been newly updated (September 2004) by Jeff Smith.  It is 27 amazing pages!  Download it now!


Satellite FPD – Indianapolis!

Ryan Schad is such a devoted alumnus that he holds an FPD at Lilly in conjunction with the one in Kingsport.  Below is a photo of some of the yummies at the Indy FPD!


Some FPD Q & A


QUESTION:  When was the startup of the FPD web site? 

ANSWER:  According to the FPD annals (a.k.a. the Dead Sea Scrolls), the FPD web site went live worldwide on November 2, 2000.  (Still hasn't IPO'ed, though.)


QUESTION:  What number is FPD up to?

ANSWER:  This year's event will be the 17th Annual Fish Products Day.









NOTES from All Over

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Steve Who?

There once was a madman named Steve
Who was somewhat like Christopher Reeve;
Like Superman, the hotshot
Would eat things one should not --
That would make a more normal man heave.



2004 Haiku (it’s a kind of poetry)

My taste buds do ache—

Nothing, save sweet ocean flesh

Can sate my desire

- John Franjione, Winner of the FPD 2003 Nemo Award


Calvert Call

“Glad that things are continuing with FPD.  Hope everyone gets their fill…I think about you all and the big “E” often.”

- John Calvert



“Glad to hear you guys still celebrating FPD…any time I mention this event to others I get blank stares…I guess that is why Process Systems was such a unique and special place to work.”

- Chris Niederer


Pen Mania

“Thanks for the Fish Products Day pen.  I will cherish it always.  You former Process System crazies have a great Fish Products Day.”

- Darrell Corpening, former PSE Manager


The Tech Effect

“Tim Nolen has a problem…He’s boring people to death.”


Radio advertisement for “Tech Effect” on the History Channel, 2004.


Thanks to Joe Bays.




“It is fantastic to see such enthusiasm with FPD less than 100 days away and know that great minds are already thinking great thoughts about great food!”

Rob Schisla in response to Jeff Smith, “FPD Information Officer” 


Heart Healthy

“Look at the last sentence in this report:  Isn’t fish wonderful!”

Steve Janulis, on the heart healthy benefits of fish.