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FPD was held on Friday, December 12, 2008

In B-54D, CR7072 but also satellite FPDs were held in California and Indiana!  See below for details.


Click here for 2008 pictures!



See below for some of the fun from last year and be sure to visit the links on the left for the best of a quarter century of FPD.


Satellite FPD Held in Irvine, California

Rob Schisla, long-time FPD supporter and celebrator, woke up to his second FPD in a row in southern California this morning, sadly separated from the beloved fish-product goodies that he knew would be awaiting those who were lucky enough to be attending the main FPD celebration back in Kingsport.  But lo and behold, when he walked into the Fluor offices in Irvine, California at 6:30 in the morning today, he found his temporary office decorated with the multiple pages of the FPD History, along with 10 or 12 different dishes of delectable fish products!  Much to Rob’s delight, fellow Eastman employees Mary Lamar and Maria Edwards had played Santa Claus for Rob this year, kicking off a surprise Satellite FPD that quickly turned into perhaps the largest-ever Satellite FPD to-date.  They moved their fishy delights to a nearby Fluor conference room and invited any and all nearby folks to come and partake, which, surprisingly, most of them did.  Included in the feast were jambalya, sushi, peppered smoked salmon, shrimp and crackers, sardines, and even canned lobster.  Rob reports that at least 15 people participated, including four Eastman employees (including Wayne Henson).  Fellow Eastman employee Alan Hobbs, however, passed on the offer of fish products, saying it was “too early in the morning for that”.



From the Mailbag, December 2008:

From Joe Bays:  “Come, fish products day – bring your cheer”


From Ryan Schad:  “I am happy to report that Lilly's satellite Fish Product Day was held yesterday with 6 attendees strong.  Our 2009 business plan has us growing attendance by 25%. I believe we will hit our stretch goal of 33%, however.”

From John Calvert:  “May you all have an enjoyable and stinky day. 
--A Grandfather of FPD.”

From Steve Janulis:  “Just a few thoughts on fare for FPD this year.  I'm not saying I want to venture into any truly "gross" waters this year, but I think we need a bit of a return to some of the "tinned" tastings.  At least we should
have some of these to offset some of the finer fare.  I'm thinking about
the basic kippers, smoked oysters, baby clams, herring, sardines, etc.
I'll try to pick up a variety this year, and maybe if you think about
it, you can pick up something also.  Hope you guys have a great weekend
and see you next week. I can almost smell it now!”

Chris Garrett:  “Where can I find the Fish Products Day webpage.  At the bottom of the sea?”




FPD almost didn’t happen in 2007, as a number of founders floundered with trips far away.


However, Steve Miller is the “Man Who Saved FPD 2007” as he took the bait.


See all the 2007 Pictures.




Thanks to all who participated in FPD, December 14, 2007


Please check out my “FPD web favorites (below).”


See the 2006 Pictures!


See the 2006 Powerpoint!


From Joe Bays:


Now that FPD is over, it's a sad time.
Here's a song of meditation for the 364 days of the year that aren't
Fish Products Day

O come now brain food, harvest of the sea
Rejuvenate our creativity
To us the path of knowledge show
And teach us where the recycles should go


Read the rest of the poem here.

FPD has its own Q12 Questions!


A few views from 2006:





And the famous Ryan Schad made the trip from Indy!



Here are the rest of the pictures.


It’s a great place to look for a Best Friend at Work!


If you are wondering, “Why Fish Products?,” you should check out FPD History and the past pages from the links at the left.


FPD – It’s a Ball!  Check out this fish story.



Below:  Looks like Chris Niederer is on his way to Fish Products Day 2006!!



Official FPD pens are still available!  E-mail your request for a



t i m @ t i m n o l e n . c o m


Please send your jokes, best wishes, etc. from wherever you are.



Feel free to create your own FPD memorabilia and share with the process engineering community.




The Supreme Executive Committee Proudly Announces

the Tenth Annual Competition for...




Five awards for Fish Products Day participants to "angle” for at the Nineteenth Annual Fish Products Day celebration on Friday, December 8, 2006 (starting at 7 a.m.):

1.) The "Sardines in Louisiana Hot Sauce" Award for Most Fit-to-Eat Fish Product.  By this award, we are encouraging excellence in fish product preparation.

2.) The Agreda/Lichtenstein Goldfish Award for Most Memorable Performance.  The reasons why someone might win this award are as far-flung as your imagination will take you.

3.) The Steve Janulis Fish Paste Award for Best Performance by a Newcomer.   This award is designed to encourage FPD participation by our newer employees - not limited to first-year employees, necessarily, but aimed more at high-quality FPD participation early in one's career.

4.) The Bass-o-Matic Award for Most Disgusting, Most Unique, or Most Uniquely Disgusting Fish Product.  'Nuff said.

5.) The “Wild-Card” Award.   This award is designed to recognize FPD participation which is deserving of recognition but which doesn’t quite fit into any of the other award categories.


All trophies will be awarded based on admittedly subjective judging by the intentionally anonymous FPD Steering Committee.




Here are a few pictures from FPD past!










And, there’s much, much more in the links below!


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FPD Mailbag


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FPD Taiwan Style

As FPD draws near, several confirmed Fish Product lovers are in Taiwan, but will be back in plenty of time for the festivities.  Taiwan is a veritable Fish Product heaven.  We've had squid, shark fin, scallops, varieties of shrimp and prawns, jellyfish, and of course ordinary fish, the kind with fins. And that's all in one meal, with their 15-course meals here.  Yum, yum.  We all look forward to our triumphant return with oceanic treats of various sorts that are able to swim through customs.

We're going to walk up to the "Something to declare" line and declare "it's only 2 days to FPD!"

--Joe Bays



Christmas Engineering


Christmas Engineering is a tradition at my house. One Christmas several years ago I put a wreath on the front of my car.  Wanting to add a touch of Christmas Engineering, I cut a strand of lights down to a number of bulbs suitable for 12V DC and put lights on my wreath that lit up while I was driving. One morning it snowed, and I spun my car around in the ditch on the way to work, getting mud all over the front of the car and my wreath. When I got to work, my Best Friend said it looked like I crashed right through somebody's yard into the front door.

So this Christmas, I wish everyone festive driving.


--Joe Bays



Calvert Update


To all,

May you continue the enjoyment of FPD!  I am in Virginia (PWC) working on an insulin pen manufacturing facility for Eli Lilly.  I think of you all and the big E fondly.  May God bless you all as you enjoy your Omega 3.  May the stench cross state lines!

One of the godfathers,

John Calvert

PS  I'll still engineer for food.




Garrett Request


All I want for Christmas is an FPD pen or more if you’ve got them to give…the one I got last year is running out of ink.  AND they make great white elephant gifts!


Chris Garrett