People REALLY on the Move

[The following list is purely from my personal knowledge and therefore there is no guarantee of accuracy. It is only intended to help track those who we have known. We wish all our friends well.  --Tim]

 (Updated February 27, 2011)

Happy Landings!

People News

Darrin England is working for Appalachian Power in Carbo, Va.

Dec 2008 from Jim Falin: Bill Sickles (bsickles


) left D&Z in 2006 for 3M in Decatur Alabama.   Bill and I sat in cubes 7071 and 7070 directly adjacent to conference room 7072 for several years.  We have a deep respect for FPD that few other can appreciate.  I called Bill on Friday to suggest that he start a FPD branch in Decatur and reminded him that “it only takes one”.  He promised he would eat a Filet-O-Fish and see what he could set up for next year. 

Dan and Yan Alsmeyer (Jan 2008) – Yan is now Director of Analytical Development at Upsher-Smith in Maple Grove, MN.  Dan is now Director of R&D at Johdan Applied Technologies.

Reed Christiansen has graduated from Law School and is starting work in September 2008 at Foley and Lardner in Milwaukee.

Check out these Niedererisms!



Doug Sams
George Zhu
Frank Nobregida


Jeff Kanel
Cal Churn
Steve Falling
Eric Ripple

175 people retired due to a voluntary incentive to reduce employment related to the PET divestiture


Jeff Decker
Chris Prestley
Zachary Lee
Paul Casto

Dewey Johnson

Anna Conrad

Joe Menner

Judy Kibler

David Sandidge

Paul Asbury

Amaryl Isenberg
Jack Brown

W. D. Campbell

Chuck Hillhouse

Mike Murphy

James Ray (TEX)

Harish Davey

Victor Allen

David Cotey

David Brubaker

Karen Rowell

Max Middleton

Tammy Bledsoe

Robert Lloyd

David Myers

Carolyn Nash

Larry Carvagno

Eric Hollowell

Jennifer Norris

Rick Virost

Mariana Nudelman

Braxton Sluder

Ken Romance

David Henderson

Clay Ralston

TJ Stevens

Jim Caldwell

Steve McCoskey


Susan Myers

Katie Maggard

Duane Gold

David Powell

Tom Pridgen

Benny Drinnon

Danny Davidson

Josh Morgan

Mary Lamar

Tom Tidwell

Adrian Cassidy

Merry Frances Rogers

Jerry Cole

Jacqui Murdaugh

Daniel Parker

Joe Zuech (TEX)

Bill Burnette

Robert Stanley

Anita Bausman

Hiram Morales

Keith Goulder

Amy McDaniel Koch
Amy Crawford (Wilson)

Bob Savery PLE

Tim Tiller PLE technician

Chris Dupree

Patrick Cobb

Bruce Norton


Marianela Cora

Katie Waers

Linda McNutt

Molly Rayfield to BAE Systems in Kingsport

Ben Rogers

Deborah Wilkinson

Debra Tindall

Carl Voigt

Mitzi Edwards

Jim Stykes

Ron Qualls

Mike Wempe

Xiaomin Liu

Ted Bach

Phil Gibson

Jack Trexler

Art Meyers

Mike Meadows

Kim Peters

Greg Drone

Robin Mays

Jennie Feliciano

Norma Buchanan

Nancy Depew

Lou Germinario

Wylene Geska

George Zima
Terry Seaman
Lloyd Herlong, to work for Disney in California




Paul Flynn, from Corp. Dev. to Monsanto
Clay Pearson, from the Licensing group to FMC
Heather Petterson, back to Nuclear Fuel Services
Melinda (Pahigianis) Christian, back to Nuclear Fuel Services
Michelle L’Heureux, Technology
Wes Hale, Technology
Valerie Adams, Technology
Eric Olsen, Technology
Alita Meltzer, Technology
Bill Sade, PCI
Jim Cooper, PCI
Mike Ballard, AY
Ruairi O’Meadhra, to Syngenta in Basel.

Russ Clevenger (SPBO)

Ron Adams (SPBO)

Tony Harris (HSE)

Bob Brothers


Travis Keener, Texas Eastman to new job in Bartlesville, OK.
Kevin Edgar, from Eastman Research to Virginia Tech.
Paul Lucas from Tech Service
Eric Ellery from Technology
Ameya Acharekar, left Development for Aiken, SC
Darrin England, from Technology
Fouad Azzam from Corporate Ventures
Dave Kashdan, Eastman Research
Sharon Petke, Eastman Research
Stan Polichnowski, Corporate Technology
Bob Maleski, Eastman Research
John Mykytka, Development
Larry Egan, Development
Wayne Burchette, Engineering and Construction
Wayne Bridges, Engineering and Construction
Pal Freeman, Engineering and Construction
Paul Scherrer, Engineering and Construction
Dan Wong, Engineering and Construction
Bob Hendrix, Engineering and Construction
Bobby Jackson, Engineering and Construction
Phil Griswold, VP Polymers
Shirley Haynes, I/T
George Keen, I/T
Sherry King, I/T
Minton Williams, I/T
(Total of VSP Retirees was 194.)
Bhaskar Arumugam, from CE Technology
Jorge Cortes from Corporate Business Development to Weyerhauser in Washington state.
Keith Britt from I/T to the Army
Yin-Shun Liu, from Texas R&D
Deanna Pickel, from Polymers Technology

By the way, Chris Garrett’s back at Eastman from Eli Lilly!

People News

Steve Humphrey (12/04)
Jim Doss (9/04)
Sandra Dudley
Roger Mowen
Charlotte Farmer
Rob Schisla – 25 years
Randy Van der Aa
Sean Pipkins
Emmett Proffitt is working for IBM in Lexington, KY  40511 (

Worried about Retirement?  Check out the new “Big E Retirement Home” Plan!


Michele Wisniewski, from Eastman Research to new job in California.
J. J. Rogers
Kathleen Willham
Fred Buehler, VP from PCBO to OmniChem 136.
Rose Marie Davidson
Voridian, to the depths of hell.
 Ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa.  May the farce be with you.
Kerry Leeburn, Director, Developing Businesses
Dixie Mahaffey
Serge Rogasik
Charlie Carver
Jeff Taylor
Gino Lavoie
Mike Thompson
Kelly Thompson
Karen Maness
Karen Ruble
Pierre Gosset
Alexi Ignachenko, from Texas R&D
Dennis Corn, from Gasification Services
Joan Roller
Gary Hess


Some random Eastman people who left in 2005

David R. Smith II, Financial analyst for PCBO to P&G, Cincinnati
Meghan Wutkowski, from Worldwide Engineering to Knoxville.
Lisa Navarro, Toxicologist, to Ciba in North Carolina
David Walters, EE at Carolina (Columbia) to new job in Florida
John Willham, to be CTO at 3-Form in Utah
Chris Campbell, from Plant Eng. to new job in Chilhowee, Va.
Jon Wood, attorney, to Bridgestone-Firestone in Akron, Oh.
Wendy McCall, Personal Care Manager from PCBO
Debbie Stairs, from Marketing to Blue Rhino
Dana Outlaw, from Procurement to retirement
Brett Humphrys, from SPBO to Trimble Inc., Westminster, CO.
Teri Pacheco, from Marketing
Randy Scott, from Marketing
Nicolas Buc, from Developing Businesses
John Edgley, from Developing Businesses
Tom Verachtert, from Developing Businesses
Merrie Robin McReynolds
Michelle Manichanh, from Proc. Dev. Texas
Mahmoud Mahmoudian, from Research
Dwight Richeimer
Suzanne Cross, from Marketing to J&J
Stephanie Gosset to PPG in Cleveland
Joan Ward – from sales
John Power – from sales
David Sawyer – from sales
Dan Deason
Debra Brzuchalski is back as LSE.
Mitchell Lowe, from Engineering
Mike Crane, from PCIBO
CeeGee McCord, from Corporate Communications


Some random Eastman people who left in 2004

Charlie Oliver from IT
Casey Henry from Process Engineering
Roger Mowen (May 31st) – retiring
Mark Kaiser, CEO of Cendian to ?
Peter MacKenzie from Eastman Research to PPG in Pittsburgh, PA
Elaine MacKenzie from Eastman Research
Nicole McGinister, EE from Plant Engineering
Matthew Krebbs, from Eastman Medical to OxyChem
Dave Walker
Ellen Payton, from HR
Jennifer Harris-Brown, from HR
Cynthia Arnold, VP Technology, to CTO at Sun Chemical
Mark Joslin, from Treasury to CFO at another company
Eric Ellery, from CE
Joel Serface, from Ventures
Vineet Rajgharia, from Research
Alice Stephenson
Amy Farthing, from Polymers Research to Merck, Rahway, NJ
Tim Dawsey, from Eastman Research to Spartech in Warsaw, IN
Jason Dickens
Carey Pace, from Chemicals Development
Mary Crow, from Chemicals Development

Some retirees:
Will Hutsell, retiring from Corporate Quality
Keith Gockenbach, retiring as VP of Developing Businesses
Paul Worsham
Dewey Fuller
Gerald Butler, TEX
Tom Devon, TEX R&D
Rob Schmidt, Director, TEX R&D
Richard Turner, Research, to Virginia Tech
Charlie Foster
John Monnier
John Hyatt, Eastman Research
Dale Brzuchalski
Debra Brzuchalski, Tech Service
John Lafferty, Eastman Research
Phil Hudnall, Development
Rob Carlstrom, Developing Businesses Director, Dec. 1
Phil Cook
Bill Eller, pilot plant
Dell Nottingham, pilot plant
Carl Bryan, Eastman Research
Ron Leonard, Reliability Services
Ron Turner, Reliability Services
DeWitt Payne, Phys. and Analytical Chem.
Lawrence Coppari, Worldwide Eng.
Bob Elliott, Worldwide Eng.


Some random Eastman people who left in 2003

Nathan Fisher - to Borden Chemical
Matt Russ
Eric DeLoach
Reg Bonnavie
Jim Barbarito
Jennifer Knight from e-IS to UT Law School
Wes Adams—Mechanical Engineer, returning to Honda, this time in Lincoln, AL
Matt Dunbar, ChE from Tech Serv. to MBA program at Stanford
Susie Tinnon— from HR to company in Charleston, SC.
John Monnier – will retire and join Chemical Engineering Dept. at Univ. of South Carolina
Mike Malcolm – retired from CE
Dick Martin - Valleybrook
Amanda Owens – Powder Coatings
Dave Pospula – CE Development
Ray Courtney
Dana Jones, Corporate Quality
Randy Elam, HR
Robin Wilkerson, Voridian
Hart Kaudewitz, Ergonomics
Tim McGlothlin, Ergonomics
Jason Wilde, Chemicals Development
Jennifer Phemister, CE
Steve Humphrey, Polymers
Dave Pendleton, Corporate Quality
Joe Wilson, Corporate Quality
Larry Fannon, EEO programs, HR
Rhonda Carpenter, EA
Mike Johnston, AY
Doug Haseltine – retired
Sabrina Price - to motherhood

Some good news!  John Franjione, Jennifer Skotty, Chad Marlow, Tim Musick and Ignacio Garcia have rejoined Eastman. 


Some random Eastman people who left in 2002

Greg Dickerson - from Chemicals Development to Rohm and Haas in Knoxville 1/17/2002
Chad Marlow - from Proc. Eng. to Mitsubishi in South Carolina 1/18/2002
Roger Tambay - from licensing to a firm in Montreal, Ontario
Dan Pratt - project engineer to Pathfinder, San Antonio, TX
Cheryl Tubach - patent attorney to Coca-Cola, April 2002.
Heather Fogle - sales in PCIBO to home
Laura McNeil - ME in Plant Eng. to Clarksville, WV, June, 2002.
Renae Peppers - from Envir. Eng. group to Chattanooga area, May.
Bart Kincannon - from Sales to plastics customer, Ft. Smith, AR, May.
Mary Ann Arico - from Corp. Strat. to Dir of Investor Relations at Duke Energy, June
Gretchen Lewis - from Plant Eng. to home
David Murray - from Waterborne coatings research (Valleybrook) to medical school, July
Slaton Fry - from Supt of Chem. Tech at ARK, August
Alex Zalesky - from CASPIBO management to Sherwin-Williams
Mike Herndon
Randy Van Der Aa - Eastman contractor to Pharmacia in Michigan


Some random Eastman people who left in 2001

Charlotte Farmer - MBA to Booz-Allen-Hamilton
John Debenham CE Tech to Merck, NJ
Sheryl Debenham - Chem. Res. to Merck, NJ
Clare Scott
TEX res. to company in CO
Darrell Williams TEX research
Jeff Posey - to Stone and Webster - China
Frank Haynes - MBA, Purdue
Chris Niederer, MBA, Vanderbilt
Boyd Safrit - from Proc. Eng. to PPG in Charlotte
Rob Hornsey VP
Roger Wright, VP, ARK
James P. Sproles II, ARK
James Doss from EFC to Sr. VP at Schweitzerhall in Greeneville, SC
Tony Sander from EFCBO to small company in Louisville, KY
David Wyatt
Mark Frishberg
Adrian Hawkins
David Lawrence
John Handley
Al McBride - from accounting to Huntsman in Longview
Delane Richardson Supt. Specialty Plastics to M&G in Akron, OH
Richard Fengl from CSBU (Fine Chemicals) to Avecia
Dean Webster from CASPI research to N. D. State Univ. faculty
Mark Zynich
Rose Allen from legal
Meg Willet from supply chain
Matt Smith, attorney, to Alcoa
Jim Ciula from Chem. Develop. to Argonot in Indianapolis
Gary Underwood, from Systems
Yan Alsmeyer from P&A to job in Chicago area for Pharmacia, then Pfizer, now (2008) Director of Development for Upsher-Smith in Maple Grove, MN
Karen Harding, from Legal to Patent Attorney for J&J contact lens division in Jacksonville, FL
Curtis Teague - to British Royal Ordinance in Kingsport
Bill Maag - from the Research Pilot Plant to Pharmacia in Kalamazoo, Michigan
Michael Cyr - from going-to-Voridian to PPG
Mia Mowell - to Shell in Houston


Some random Eastman people who left in 2000

Sean Pipkins, ChE in TEX, to Upjohn, Michigan
Leanne Pipkins, to EarthTech, Michigan
Sandra Dudley - CH2M Hill, Atlanta, but is now moving to New Orleans (in 2002)
Eric Fugate - SC
Tim Musick - civil firm in SC
Jennifer Richmond
Andy Richards, Upjohn, Kalamazoo, MI
Karen Richards, Upjohn, Kalamazoo, MI
Van Emery, architect firm in Jackson, TN
Lisa Bullard - N.C. State Univ.
Michael Bullard - Civil firm in Raleigh
Shauna Leis
Tina Smith
John Frangione from polymers tech—Rejoined Eastman in 2003.
Chris Matayabas from research to Intel
Michael West - from chem. Research to SmithKline
Jason Carter - GE plastics, Montgomery, AL
Paul Lisenby - ME to Jacksonville, FL, J&J contact lens plant
John Allen - CE tech chemist
Brian Dowler - ME in polymers research
Ernest Jesse - ME in Acetate Fibers
Jeff Palmer
Sharla Edwards to St. Louis
Shannon Stanforth - Aeroglide, Raleigh, NC
Darlene Pollard from P&A
Barry Agee ME to GE (turbine)
Ken Cundy - from fine chemicals to Ethyl
Sean Smith, Jacksonville, FL, family business
Parker Owen
Tim Stark - ME
Ed Leffer - from fine chemicals to FMC - Lithium div.
Imad Hammoud - San Francisco, CA
Raja Hammoud systems analyst to firm in CA
Evelyn Thrasher
Win Holcombe - Lonza
Sumit Gangwal - from CE sales
Sharon Wellman - left EA, back to Eastman in TEX now
Jeff Thompson - polymers to GE plastics in Montgomery, AL, coming back?
Y-J. Kuo - chemicals research to Huntsman in Austin, TX
Terry Arnold - EpB business to sales job
Mike Floyd - Cincinnati
Lillian Isaac
Crystal Vance
Eric Beach - from polymers in TEX
Becky Heintz - ME in PLE
Justin Abnee - from CE to HS football coach
Martin Rogers - polymers res. To Reichhold in Raleigh
Chris Garrett - Eli Lilly – (He returned to Eastman Research in 2007)
Chuck Kettler - from P&A to Eli Lilly
Tracey Taylor - from res. pp to Raleigh
Michelle Mapp
Mike Cushman from chem. Res to Aquasearch, Hawaii
Chase Willett
Bob Gerwig
Roy Conn
Martha Collins
Dennis Knisley
Michael Adams from EFC
Cherie Porter from ShipChem
Sheryl Chinn from ShipChem
Dick Slack from ShipChem
Ed Smith from ShipChem
David and Jennifer Skotty, Ph.D. Chemists, Aug. 2000 to a family business. Jennifer is returning to Eastman on March 1, 2003!
Aaron Garrett, Ph.D. chemist to Eli Lilly, Aug. 2000
Dan Sand, Ph.D. chemist to Int'l Paper, Ohio, Jan. 2000


Some random Eastman people who left in 1999 (before December)

Carole Martin - Duke Divinity school
Valerie Harding - back to school
Scott Eberle - Dental school
James Lindsey Ph.D. chemist left P&A to pharma co. in N.C.
Sandy Bokach - left Research pp to co. in Houston

A few others

Martin Dolfi to Upjohn in MI
Terry Arnold to Charlotte
Pete Pavlechko
Greg Benge - DuPont, Fayetteville, NC
Liz Blakely
Bill Choate (
TEX Res.)
Jean Coffman
Charlie Dotson
Danelle Glasscock
Steve Kennedy
Gary Kingery
Mike Lick
Jill Murphy
Rick Offerman
Kay Oney
Ed Seufert
Mark Thrasher
Kona White-Henson
Bruce Wilson
George Zurawick